The Springs Hotel, England

The Springs hotel was actually one of my first few explores i’d ever done so i wasn’t sure how we’d get on.

We pulled up and managed to park close, as we approached the building i was personally shocked at just how big the hotel was. We scouted around for security and we were very much alone.

After about two walk arounds looking for a way in we realised the entry point was staring at us the whole time, couldn’t really believe just how easy it was. The Hotel was absolutely beautiful inside, and for one of my first few explores i was mega happy!!

The History –

The Springs hotel was built in 1874 as a Tudor style manor house. Ian Gillan from The band deep purple firstly purchased the building and at a later date converted it into a 32 bedroom hotel. And obviously being a rockstar, it would of been rude not to have a guitar shaped pool that is now unfortunately filled in. The Hotel consisted of smaller rooms and worked up to the main grand suite rooms.

Sometime later the new owners purchased it  and added a golf course and then the golf club itself (which is still active).  It then fell into disrepair as they could no longer afford the upkeep of it. It was sadly closed in 2014 and has sat empty ever since.

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