Is Urban Exploring Dangerous?

Safety should be your number one priority when you’re thinking about entering a building. You might not think it but urban exploring is one of the most dangerous hobbies you can have.

In this post we will highlight the most common safety issues many explorers face.

  • Weak structures – If you’re entering a building that has been exposed to the elements, a lot of it could be rotting. Always be very careful where you stand as people have been know to go straight through roofs and end up in the room underneath.
  • Asbestos – The silent killer. Many people may not be aware that a lot of older buildings can be filled with asbestos. It’s always best to wear a ffp3 mask or respirator to protect your lungs when inside abandoned buildings.
  • Other People – You never know what you’re going to find when entering a building. You could walk into a squat, a homeless mans new shelter or even somewhere where gangs hang out. You never know how any of these people may react when they see you.

It is advisable that you should NEVER explore alone, if anything happens and someone gets injured you should always have someone there to get help. I have been in a situation before where I wouldn’t be typing this if it wasn’t for someone grabbing my arm to stop me from fully going through a rotten piece of wood that was covering a very deep well.

So in short, yes, Urbex is very dangerous!

Urban Exploring Is Dangerous

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