Is Urban Exploring Illegal?

In the UK many people think urbex is highly illegal. When you’re on someone else’s property it is considered trespass. The majority think trespass is a criminal matter, but in fact it’s actually a civil matter between you and the land owner.

So, is urban exploring actually illegal? Now, that’s not to say it’s all legal. If you’re caught breaking and entering, causing criminal damage to the property, stealing anything from the property or you are caught inside with any tools the police deem to be as ‘going equipped’, such as a crowbar, screwdriver etc.. Then you’re liable to criminal charges.

Any proper urban explorer will not need to worry about those parts as breaking and entering or theft is not something the vast majority do.

If you are confronted by security they will often tell you what you’re doing is illegal and they’re going to call the police. Just be polite and let them know it’s a civil matter and you’ll be gladly on your way.

To sum it up, urban exploring isn’t illegal in the UK, yet…

Is Urban exploring illegal in the UK
Is urbex legal?
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