How Do You Find Abandoned Places?

One of the most common questions we get on Instagram is “How can I find abandoned places near me?“, in this post we’ll show you the most common ways you can find derelict buildings.

Firstly, just use your eyes!

Yes it sounds condescending but when you’re out and about just keep your eyes peeled. If you’re driving with a mate or just going for a walk, always check out what’s around you. You’ll be very surprised what you see when you just start taking note of what’s actually around you.

Abandoned Toll House Just Visible To the Road
A folly/toll house I had driven past 100’s of times without really paying attention.

Second, just listen.

Again, sounds odd I know. However, I had the news on for background noise one day and I heard the presenter mention a power plant has closed down after so many years of being in operation. Immediately, I went onto google maps, found the location and saved it to check out at a later date.

Third, local papers.

Most towns, cities, etc etc.. will have a local paper. Just go onto their website and use their search function. Search for terms like ‘abandoned’, ‘derelict’, ‘forgotten’, just get creative with it and you’ll be surprised what comes up.

Fourth, Google maps.

You can go on Google maps and just scroll for days. It might feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack (most times it does), but it has paid off for us countless times. It’s worth noting that the satellite imagery isn’t always up to date, neither is the street view, so there will be times where you arrive at a location to find a pile of rubble.

Use Google Maps To Find Abandoned Places
A Farm house and complex found from Google maps.

Last but not least, Facebook groups and forums are goldmines for finding abandoned places near you!

There are literally thousands of posts on forums and facebook groups showcasing abandoned places. When people post the exterior shots of abandoned buildings, you can sometimes get a clue where it is. Whether it be a landmark in the background or a builders sign with a local phone number on it, these little things give you a good advantage to narrow down the area so you can then further research on Google maps to find the exact location. A common one as well is drone shots on Youtube videos, you’ll be surprised how many people give away valuable clues in their videos.

Hopefully the information above will give you a good starting point to the question of ‘how to find abandoned places near me’. It’s all about getting creative as well, just think outside of the box!

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