Chinese Millionaires Abandoned Mansion, Shropshire

The abandoned mansion was owned by a Chinese millionaire named Jason Tsai.

He was the founder of Entagroup telecommunications companies which included Entatech UK Ltd, Entamedia Ltd, and

He also founded a UK based Chinese school and was also the president of The Tsai Lao-Chi Charitable Foundation in the UK.

Mr Tsai was involved in various fraudulent schemes such as evading VAT and was banned for being a company director for 13 years.

However, later on 52 claims were brought against Tsai, including failing to hand over and then using a Taiwanese passport, failing to declare his own interest in bank accounts and properties. Failing to disclose the existence of bank accounts containing millions of pounds amongst other things.

He was found guilty for 30 out of the 52 claims against him and was given various concurrent prison sentences which landed him 18 months inside.

In order to get some of the fraudulent money back liquidators won a £24.7 million asset freezing order.

Jason Tsai claimed most of the assets in the order belonged to family members and that he did not benefit from any of them but the court quickly dismissed the claim.

During this time his wife travelled to Singapore and transferred a whopping £8million into a Taiwanese bank account. It’s safe to say he’s still got some money kicking about after being released from prison.

His abandoned mansion was seized by the state and later auctioned off with all it’s contents including a lot of Koi carp that were in the various garden pools.

The grounds are made up of three properties, the main mansion with a tunnel walkway leading into a large house and then a longer tunnel walkway into a pool/gym area.

Unfortunately due to security turning up and trying to lock us in the mansion, I didn’t manage to get any photos of the basement area which was like a man cave.

This is definitely one of the best abandoned places I have explored to date!

Please note, this explore was a few years ago and it is no longer abandoned! 

Outside of the Abandoned Mansion

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