Abandoned 16th Century Tudor Hotel

The current abandoned hotel building was built in the reign of Elizabeth I and is of Tudor style structure.

On his way to storming the city of Leicester in 1645, King Charles I is said to have stayed here for three days. During the Civil War, the bulk of the residents of the town where the hotel resides were loyalists to the King and suffered greatly as a result of Oliver Cromwell’s victory.

The hotel was once twinned with The Chateau Impney, but it closed it’s doors in January 2010 and was sold on some 9 years later to developers.

The abandoned hotel suffered a fire in 2012 that saw most of the newer parts of the building suffer extensive damage, nothing was repaired and the elements have set in and made the building fall into a state of disrepair.

Recent planning permission has been granted to knock down the newer parts to build 51 homes without the main grade II listed part being affected which is still in good shape.

Grand stair case in the reception of an abandoned hotel 3 story stair case in a derelict hotel Dilapidated dance room in an abandoned hotel

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