Abandoned Time Capsule Farm House, Herefordshire

Tucked away in a quiet Herefordshire village lies this amazing abandoned farm house.

Once we got inside it was incredible to see that it was a time capsule frozen in time.

There were quite a few animal bones in the kitchen, an animal skull in the hallway and even old animal meat hanging.

Not much history is known about the house but it once housed a prized pig farmer who later died and passed it down to his son.

It would appear the son didn’t have the same passion for animals that his father did, in 2016 he was found guilty of nine charges under the animal welfare act of neglecting animals.

Sheep were found dead, lambs without water and other sheep were needing medical attention.

He was banned from keeping sheep and fined £5000.

It is not known what happened to the son or even why the house has been left, but some of it is in a bad state making it unsuitable to live in.

Despite getting chased by some cows and a bull on the way back to the car, this abandoned farm house was truly an amazing explore!

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